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The Phantom Tollbooth - by Susan Nanus


1st September

A full length children's production based on the book by Norton Juster. A bored little boy named Milo finds an unusual gift in his room and goes on a journey of discovery to the Kingdom of Wisdom.

Take a journey with a watchdog named Tock to rescue Princess Rhyme and Princess Reason, guided by the egotistical insect, Humbug. Meet a monster made of noise, a man with twelve faces and a giant bee who spells! The play is goofy and outlandish, and as funny as it sounds; Milo.s quest to restore peace to the land also teaches him some very important lessons about life.

The Whether Man
Tock the Watchdog
Azaz the Unabridged
King of Dictionopolis
The Mathemagician
Princess Sweet Rhyme
Princess Pure Reason
Gatekeeper of Dictionopolis
The Letterman
Spelling Bee
The Humbug
The Page
Dr. Kakafonous A. Dischord
The Dodecahedron
The Everpresent Word Snatcher
The Demons

Make sure you read the original book by Norton Juster!

A true play on words!


Powerful original works by our advanced students combined with Classic Greek Tragedy. A surprising, visual feast with masks!


None / Advanced Students


All year / in Class


December 9, 13, 14, 15th