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Connect Four 2005 - 21st - 24th September 2005

On the menu at Mundaring Weir Hotel (courtesy Meriwether Publishing).

Mr Bartholemew (Peg Kehret)
- Starring Imogen Palmer

The Anniversary (Conrad Bishop)
- Starring David Newland and Sylvia Karemaker
Two people are reflecting on the good times in their marriage. Or is there more growing under the surface? Are they really way ahead of others as they claim?

They'll Be Sorry When I'm Dead (Peg Kehret)
- Starring Sarsi Elsberry

The Day Mother Left Home (Robert Mauro)
- Starring Esme Park and Francesca Meehan
Two women are at loggerheads. One, in a wheelchair the other upwardly mobile in business with no time to take care of her mother. Mother is a spirited person and way ahead of her daughter. Irony all round

"Starry Starry Night" (Don McLean)
A song about Vincent van Gogh
- Starring Sarsi Elsberry

Uptown Downtown (Robert Mauro)
- Starring Jashub O'Brien and Jessika Hagan
The gap between rich and poor is closed in this charming story between two teenagers. Friends in spite of all their differences and prejudice.

"Here pussy, pussy.........." an improvisation with
- Sylvia Karemaker

The Audition (Robert Mauro)
- Starring Helen Pearce and Evan Davis.
We are in the office of a Hollywood movie director. He's contemplating the money he will make with his next film "Psycho Cat Burglar Two" when the real thing climbs in the window. Is this the audition from hell? Will this intruder get the part in the film or.......

And for dessert:
The Fabulous Doozies! Puppets with attitude!

Family entertainment starring four young newcomers from "Come to Your Senses" and "Just Kidding" acting classes!

Photography by Craig Douglas