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The Miracle Worker - by William Gibson

Directed by Ingrid Klaasenholm

Midland Town Hall
16th - 30th September (Fri, Sat, Sun) 7:30pm Sunday Matinees 2:00pm

An inspiring true story on the life of Hellen Keller who grows up deaf and blind. When her teacher Annie Sullivan succeeds to gain access to Helen's mind through language, her world opens up.

The important message that we learn from Helen is that having disabilities does not stop you from leading a rich and meaningful life.

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart. - Helen Keller

Annie Sullivan : Vivian Garde
Helen Keller: Darcie Azzam or Jemima Mills
Captain Arthur Keller: Abraham Azzam
Kate Keller: Maite Garde
James Keller: Matthew Miller
Aunt Ev: Debbie Dalton
Viney: Georgina Coulson
Anagnos: Ingmar Klaasen
Doctor: Ingmar Klaasen
Martha: Kiera Duncan
Percy: Mitchell Dalton
Perkins Girls: Kiera Duncan , Darcie Azzam or Jemima Mills

Proudly supported by:
City of Swan, Peachy Designs, Griffin Multimedia, Senses Foundation, Civmec
By Kind Permission of Dominie


The Diary of Anne Frank

Dramatised by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett
Directed for KADS by Ingrid Klaasenholm
One day in 1944, a member of the Dutch government in exile announced that after the war he hoped to collect eye witness accounts of the Dutch people under German occupation. He specifically mentioned letters and diaries. Anne Frank kept a diary from June 12th, 1942 until August 1st, 1944 in which she described her experience of eight people in hiding in a secret annex of a warehouse in Amsterdam.

Cast in Order of Appearance

Photography by Peter Stone
  • Mr Frank: David Newland
  • Miep Gies: Sarah McKellar
  • Mrs Van Daan: Francesca Meehan
  • Mr Van Daan: Nathan Cammerman
  • Peter Van Daan: Elliot Chipper
  • Mrs Frank: Marsha Holt
  • Margot Frank: Dominique Allis
  • Anne Frank: Louise Cocks
  • Mr Kraler: Blair Newland
  • Mr Dussel: Richard Eldridge
  • and.. "Misty" as Mouschi the cat


Communicating Doors

by Alan Ayckbourn
Directed for KADS by Ingrid Klaasenholm
When the play opens, we find ourselves in a sixth-floor suite in the 5-star Regal Hotel. It is a summer evening in July, around 9pm in the year 2014. Julian, a tall powerful devious man, stands staring out of the window. The sound of distant small-arms fire and the occasional mortar explosion can be heard, from across the river. Now aged 65, he is still in good physical shape. He is waiting for the arrival of a prostitute name Poupay to perform services for his business associate, an elderly gentleman called Reece. Nobody is aware of the special cupboard "Communicating Door" in a corner of the hotelroom, that allows people to travel in time.. Maybe, if only we could forsee the future, we could change it and prevent murders from happening. Who knows??


  • Poupay: Sylvia Karemaker
  • Reece: Martin Dupont
  • Julian/Harold: Paul Williams
  • Ruella: Marsha Holt
  • Jessica: Ingrid Klaasenholm