Come to Your Senses - Courses


Come to Your Senses - Classes for Teenagers and Adults

Come to Your Senses Adult classes employs a diverse range of ages, which allows for a greater learning scope, increased motivation and self confidence. Students will learn to communicate more effectively, express themselves more, create characters using a variety of improvisation and experimentation techniques.

Age Groups: 14 and older.
Running Time: 8 weeks (every term).
Cost: $250 per term - Adults, $170 per term - Teenagers.

Bring a friend who signs up and you will receive a discount of 10%, bring two friends who sign up and you will receive a discount of 20%!

Photograpy by Craig Douglas

STAGECRAFT 1 - Discover the Actor in You

An introductory course covering a range of acting principles and practices. Let go of your inhibitions and explore your unique talents through skill development in a safe environment.

Tuesdays, 7:30-9:30pm. Starts 31st July
(at Wesley Chapel, 91 James Street Guildford)

STAGECRAFT 2 - Sensory Memory

This course re-connects you with the deeper sensations of the senses. Learn to identify which memories are attached to smell, taste, touch, sight and sound. This heightens the quality of your acting!

Saturdays, 10:15am-12:15pm. Starts 4th August
(at Wesley Chapel, 91 James Street Guildford)

STAGECRAFT 3 - Past, Present and Future

Experience what it feels like to play within different time settings, cultures, and age-groups. Work with fairytale, traditional, historical, contemporary and futuristic perspectives, allowing you to be a diverse actor.

Wednesdays, 7:30-9:30pm. Starts 1st August
(at Bruce Douglas Pavilion, Brown Park, Salisbury Road, Swan View)

FORUM - The perfect Follow-up After Stagecraft 3

This concept is developed for our experienced students, in order to spend more time in-depth with one subject and mastering techniques. The students will have input on how the course develops by reflecting on their own strengths and weaknesses, which can then be addressed. Forum will act as a springboard for students to polish and perfect their own work.

Mondays, 7:30-9:30pm. Starts 30th August
(at Brown Park Recreation Complex, Salisbury Road, Swan View)

Learning Outcomes

  • • Identify body language, voice intonation and word usage using observation skills;
  • • Recognize character flaws, perspective, human traits and exaggeration as tools to develop a character in drama or comedy;
  • • Create characters using improvisation and experimentation;
  • • Assess scripts and interpret written dialogue and stage directions;
  • • Analyse author's and actor's motives and style of dialogue (historical/modern) and storylines;
  • • Communicate more effectively, express themselves and be more self confident;
  • • Value and appreciate live theatre and film from a deeper perspective.

Course Content

  • • Theatre and drama related games and exercises including performing;
  • • Self confidence building;
  • • Working in teams, with partners and individually;
  • • Structured improvisation;
  • • Creative thinking;
  • • Developing story lines and scene work;
  • • Space and blocking;
  • • Masks;
  • • Sense memory.

Photography by Craig Douglas

For those who want more, private coaching in acting, voicecraft and singing are available.