Welcome to Come to Your Senses! - Ingrid Klaasenholm

If life was a stage and you are the leading actor, would you like to understand the script better? Through theatre exercises, structured improvisation, and script analysis, we will discover what brings a character to life. As we work with characters and experience comedy and drama in all its aspects we learn a lot about ourselves. Come and have fun, unleash your talent and find the actor in you.

Come to your Senses is an independent professional drama company that offers a practical alternative to university studies.

The course is intended to develop acting skills, understand techniques, develop strengths and attack weaknesses.

You will interact within a group as well as receive individual coaching in a safe and non-threatening professional environment. The group always learns a lot from each other.

The unique structure of Come to Your Senses is that part of the proceeds of fees are put back into you. The Director of Come to Your Senses, Ingrid Klaasenholm, has developed a reputation of delivering original, high quality productions, and you are invited to be a part of them. So.. invest in yourself.

Come to Your Senses also offers Just Kidding, a creative arts class for children.

"The challenge of acting is meeting yourself.
It is a personal journey that will extend you physically, emotionally and mentally."
-Ingrid Klaasenholm